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Knowns Kenneth Ho - Version English

Here we bring an extensive interview by author Kenneth Ho, one of the largest global producers of Dragon Ball sculptures.
This author is particularly remarkable for its fidelity to the series, large sculptures and quality best of breed, without further ado, on with the interview. 

Caricature de Kenneth Ho
Name: Kenneth Ho
Date of Birth: 23 de septiembre
Country: Canada

1.- Briefly tell us who is Kenneth Ho...: .

I am a designer/producer of resin statue, and I focus on Dragonball resin currently. I am a big fan of Dragon Ball Z since I was a high school student. I had many different and crazy ideas in my head, and I hoped to make it into actual products and share with all DragonBall fans. However, I was not allowed to do it at that moment…… (What can a high school student do, if the problem is lack of money and time because of school?) Luckily, this frustrating situation was ended in 2011. 
In 2011, I met a good figure manufacturer. I started to design and produce my first resin statue (SS Trunks vs Freeza). Finally, my dream comes truth.

(33 Cm / 5 Kg)

2.- As is the day to day of Kenneth Ho?:

In every weekday morning, after I said Goodbye to my lovely wife and two cutest children, I have to drive a long way to my office. I arrive my office around 8am everyday, and that is the beginning of a busy day.
In my office, I have to handle my full-time job first. At the same time, if there is any urgent issues from my part-time job (the resin business), I have to handle them too. Basically, I am working on a full-time job and a part-time job together from 8am to 5pm. I leave my office around 5pm.
When I am at home, beside my family time, I still need to spend time on arranging my shipments, communicating with my manufacturer and customers sometimes. Actually, the time I spent on this part-time job is even more than the time I spent on my full-time job.  

(29 Cm / 6 Kg)

3.-Apart from being a sculptor, you have another job?, or you focus only on the figures?:

More accurately speaking, I am a designer/producer. Even though I have some sculpture experience.
This resin statue business is my dream, but it is only my part-time job. I am an engineer and this is my full-time job.

(35 Cm / 5 Kg)

4.- How long have you been working as a designer/producer of the resins?:

One year. My company (VKH) is still in the developing stage, but it is developing fast and well.

(25 Cm / 1,5 Kg)

5.- What do you like best, and what you dislike about your job?:

As I mentioned above, this resin job is my dream since my childhood, so I really cannot find dislike from it. However, my family sometimes complains I spent too much time on this resin job…… I cannot help……. I am doing the thing I love to.


6.- In that inspires you to design your products?:

All ideas of my DragonBall resins are from my childhood when I read the comics. There are so many unforgettable scenes that I want to make them into resin statue and share with other DragonBall fans. Unfortunately, my interest in DragonBall is only up to DragonBall Z, not including GT and AF….. it is a pity.
(33 Cm / 5 Kg)

7.- Tell us that you follow steps to make a figure.

- I put my ideas into hand-drawing and send to my manufacturer.
- Communicate with my manufacturer to explain clearly what my requirements on the new product are.
- Sculpt and modify the prototype until I am satisfied (I have to guide the sculptor in this process).
- Prototype molding and painting.
- My approval on the prototype.
- Production.

8.-Tell us about your latest product "Goku vs. Freeza final form" the last piece of diorama.

“Freeza final form vs Goku” is my newest product and it is the last part of the 4-in-1 FREEZA diorama. 
In term of market response, it is too early to have the conclusion at this moment. This product has just released for a week, not even made the first shipment yet. But, I believe the response would be good. Many DragonBall fans are asking for this statue since the first part (Freeza 2nd form vs Gohan) was released. Freeza final form is the most popular form among his four forms. Therefore, I believe the market response would be good.

(28 Cm / 5,5 Kg)

By the way, some of my customers asked me why Freeza final form is not in 100% power up condition. The reason is I noticed that there are already quite a lot of existing products in 100% power up stage, but products in Freeza final form (normal stage) is relatively less. Moreover, in my opinion, Freeza in his normal stage has a better body scale and looks nicer in the fighting scene.
In term of my satisfaction on this product, I am happy about it. Specially, this is the last part, it is very meaningful to me.

(60 X 60 Cm / 23 Kg)

This 4-in-1 diorama is really a big project to a new and developing company like mine. I would say this is a very courageous decision. This 4-in-1 is the hugest and most expensive diorama in the history of DragonBall figure. If the response from the market is not good, I cannot stop to produce the latter parts (If some customers have purchased the first two or three parts and I tell them I would not produce the latter part, this would seriously affect my company reputation!) Fortunately, the response is so good. Thank you for all your support on my products. 

9.- In the market for resin figures have great authors like djfungshing and HAPPY-LIFE The company,
tell us your differences with these sculptors?

Yes, they are great producers. Frankly, I do not want to depreciate other producers, but I also do not want to promote their products. So, I would just share my thought about my role in the market. 
As most of the DragonBall collectors noticed, the style of most of my resins is in fighting scene, not traditional solo style (only one character in standing pose). Moreover, the size is bigger than most of DragonBall resins in the market. Due to these reasons, the prices of my products are higher than the average price in the market (Nevertheless, they are still in a very good price because they are big, high quality, and include two characters!) But, I am confident that my customers are willing to pay these prices, if they are real DragonBall fans. Dragon Ball is a typical fighting comic series, so I think a product in fighting scene that can fully show the characteristic of Dragon Ball, don’t you agree?

(30 Cm / 9,5 Kg)

Beside the innovation of my products, the relationship between seller and customer is only “sell and buy” traditionally. However, I am trying my very best to bring it to the next level -- “friend and friend” relationship. As I mentioned before, this resin business is my dream actually, I want to share my ideas with all DragonBall fans. I am a super DragonBall fan too. All DragonBall fans should be friend because all of us also enjoy this amazing comic series, we have the same and good taste, agree?

10.- Kenneth And finally, tell us if you have another poryecto in the head, what will the next product?:

Yes, I have the next product idea in my head. Actually, I already have the complete production plan for 2012. However, I cannot disclose my production plan at this moment........ All I can tell is, I plan to release one new product in every two months. That means my upcoming products will be released in May, July, September, and November. Moreover, I can also tell you that ............ THE UPCOMING PRODUCTS WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU!!!

From Figures Dragon Ball pleasantly want to do the treatment at all times we have received by Mr. Kenneth Ho, its time for the interview, his quick answers and all the kindness that has passed.
Nothing more to say, Thank you, Mr. Kenneth Ho by all the attention and good luck in your large projects.

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